The Faith

The Faith seems to be a new secret society and a recent offshoot of the Templar. Reports of The Faith have only started to appear very recently (as in the past few months) though some Nephilim claim to have come up against them within the last few years. Previously they have never been heard of.

Very little is currently known about The Faith but what is known makes them seem a formidable enemy.

Apparently within the last few years a Templar expedition was led somewhere into the deserts of the Middle East. Little is known of what happened there except that only a handful of the Templars from the expedition returned and those that did were changed. They left the Templar and formed a new society known as The Faith. From the desert they brought forth a cutting of a tree and have apparently used it to cultivate trees made out of a special wood. This wood has the ability to push the Nephilim into a form of Shou’it that allows the simulacrum to have access to the Nephilim’s memories and also to their powers and abilities. The Faith are known to permanently insert a small piece of this wood into humans and then awaken Nephilim into that human. Little is known as to what happens to a Nephilim who is injured by this wood without it staying inside their bodies.

It is also common belief that The Faith and the Templars are very strongly opposed and have even made open attacks on each other in the past several months.

One member of The Faith who was killed by a small group of Nephilim in Maritime was carrying what appeared to be a rubbing of a stone tablet, written in some ancient tongue. This rubbing was given to Bruce Wayne for him to have someone translate it. A copy of the Translation has just arrived at Torger’s house, addressed to Min, Torger and Desdemona. Below is the translation, though it appears to be incomplete, as if only a fragment of the stone tablet had the rubbing applied.

”...and while the Five sleep peace shall be known in the lands.

Then will come some who will awaken the Insane Fires and those that are not consumed by it will emerge as the Faithful, heralding the End Times with the Talys they carry.

The World Tree will burn black and the remaining Four will toss in their sleep of centuries, slowly awakening to destroy or heal the world. The Moon of Satan will ride the serpents spine, giving them the power to search the lonely places for the Arc, pursuing their Father, the First Demon, Father of Dragons, unaware of the weakening of the walls they leave in their wake.

And the Spear shall be sought by blood calling to blood. The Coins will seek new masters to grant the power and bind it. The Second Coming will trumpet to the cosmos the bleeding of Heaven and Hell back into the world they were banished from.

The Truth shall be declared in the moment it is broken as…”

The Faith

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