Min Contacts

Min’s Contact List from past lives

These are nephilim contacts that Min has met in past lives and had some sort of relationship with (friends, worked together, part of same group etc) and you’ve heard that they are also incarnated in the present day.

Egypt 5000 BC

Jyna, Gryphon (unique air) of the Tower Arcanum

Jyna was one of the leaders in the palace guards of the pharaoh. Jyna often aided other nephilim in adjusting to their new lives and helped them get jobs or get in contact with other nephilim organisations and that is how you met him. These days you’ve heard that Jyna has incarnated into the body of an army general currently serving overseas.

Uruk 2700 BC

Ekua, Satyr of the Lovers Arcanum

Ekua ran the baths in the seedy part of town back then and he always had the best gossip about everyone, from the lowliest peasent to the pharoahs. Currently Ekua is in the body of Chase Adler a young man who runs “The Satan Pit” a members only section of the most popular nightspot in Maritime, ‘Down on the Count’ (a huge club which takes up an entire city block). Ekua is always willing to help out a fellow Satyr, especially one he was friendly with all those years ago.

Avignon 1378 AD

Frae, Phoenix of no known Arcanum

Frae was an assassin employed by the church to destroy many Templar officials. She worked closely with you and many other Tower affiliated nephilim in the war on the Templars of the period. Many rumours abound of Frae’s current incarnation, you’ve heard she’s working somewhere in the USA still fighting the fight against the Templars in whatever way she can.

Gryss, Snake of the Strength Arcanum

Gryss was a member of the church in Avignon, high up in the rankings. When the war with the Templars and the church broke out Gryss was reportedly turned into an elixir. Reports of Gryss becoming an elixir seem to be greatly exaggerated, you’ve received a couple of letters from him since you’ve incarnated. They tell you he’s alive and well and working with a group of nephilim in the interior of South America who are fighting a large lodge of Thule Bruderschaft magicians who are holed up there.

London 1900AD

Yrr, Djinn of the Tower Arcanum

You helped Yrr hide for a couple weeks when he was being pursued by an unknown adversary. At the time he told you’d he’d pay you back but you never heard from him again. You’ve heard that Yrr has been reincarnated and is living in San Francisco and involved with an assault on Templar forces there that has been raging for several years.

Rass, Elf of the Magician Arcanum

Rass was working on alchemical research all throughout England at the time and most nephilim with an interest in alchemy met him at one stage or another as he searched for the secrets of third circle alchemy. You’ve heard Rass is working at a university somewhere in Massachusetts furthering his research into alchemy.

Great War 1916 AD

Gradsi, Fomorian of the Tower Arcanum

Gradsi had been a companion for a while but was working for the Tower in Russia when reportedly he was slain by the Bavarian Illuminati. Apparently Gradsi has recently awoken in Russia and is still there trying to get his Tower contacts to get him out and to a more stable part of the world.

Berlin, 1933 AD

Fiera, Elf of the Star Arcanum

Fiera was working with younger nephilim getting them out of Berlin to avoid being hunted by the Thule Bruderschaft. On a couple of occasions she got you to help her. During the final months of the war her simulacrum was destroyed in a Thule ambush and she “jumped” into a Thule members body, managing to save the other nephilim caught in the ambush and destroying a large number of Thule members. She was regarded as one of the nephilim heroes of the period. Today Fiera is working with a sect of human wise men in the mountains of India to try and find new ways to channel Ka in the hopes of using this to achieve Agartha.

New Contacts

These contacts are contacts Min has made in his current life.

Min Contacts

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