A coastal town where much action takes place.

Maritime is a large town in California, south of San Francisco. It is a bustling hub full of business and pleasure. It is said many lines of power intersect in Maritime and because of that it tends to attract many supernatural beings.

Viewed from above Maritime looks like the letter “D” with the straight being formed by the coast and the curve being formed by the cliffs that surround Maritime. Scientists have discovered that hundreds of years ago Maritime was level with the tops of the cliffs but an immense Earthquake sunk the land to it’s current position.

Points of Interest

The Docks

The Maritime Docks are home to many international import/export businesses.

The Central Business District

near the centre of Maritime skyscrapers stand tall as the heart of many world wide businesses. Wayne Enterprises head office is here in the tallest building in Maritime. Dwarfed by Wayne Enterprises but still a respectable size is the headquarters of Clarke Corp. the Clarke Tower.

The Strip

Just near the business district is what’s known locally as “The Strip” several blocks of the city where several night clubs are housed as well as a few back alleys that are home to the entrances to some underground clubs and very private meeting places. The most popular and famous of the night clubs are the Pink Poodle, Frays, The Satan Pit, and of course, the well renowned Down on the Count, famous for it’s multiple levels and members only areas.

People of Interest

Bruce Wayne

Ethan Clarke


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