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15 Killed in Bar Fire

Late last night a large fire consumed the White Knight bar in central Maritime. 15 bodies were pulled from the wreckage of the bar, said to be the watering hole of members of the Aryan Brotherhood. The police medical examiner has released a statement saying several of the bodies showed signs of being killed by injuries not consistent with a fire. Two people have come forward, claiming to have been in the bar when the fire broke out and managed to escape through a window in the restroom. After questioning these men police are seeking another two men for questioning but descriptions or names have not yet been released. In a possibly related note a woman was found in an alley several blocks away suffering terrible burns to her body. She is currently in critical condition at Maritime Memorial Hospital.

With this fire following so closely in the wake of the sudden cyclone that ripped through parts of Maritime the night before some are saying the end times are coming and Maritime will be the centre of the apocalypse. Others are saying that this fire may be linked to the explosion and subsequent fire at a private residence near the University of Maritime two nights before and that this may be signs of a gang war right here in our beautiful city.


Missing Millionaire

As heard on MRTFM:

Now before we take you back to our power hour of hits we’ve got a new update on this mornings news of the ship wreck washed ashore near Colima in Mexico.

The authorities have confirmed the boat is the “Torch” which left Maritime, California early this week with 4 passengers, including millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne. One body was found with the wreckage and police have just released the name of the deceased. The man was Gavin Varney a house painter and Maritime resident. No sign has yet been found of the other three passengers of the boat.

Though the authorities are being very close lipped we’ve heard from a police source that the death of Gavin Varney has been attributed to a large wound that is inconsistent with a boat wreck. Also we’ve heard that the boat itself was found with many bullet holes and markings of a large fire. Speculation is running rife that Mr Wayne and his passengers were caught in the middle of a smuggling or drug operation.

Representatives from Wayne Enterprises have refused to comment at this stage. We will keep you updated with more news of this tragedy as it comes in.

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