Ka Wars 1998

Ka Wars Log
Ka Wars Adventure Log

More detailed info to arrive later. Some stuf may be a little out of order temporarily.

Part 1 A piece of art. The theft of the statue and the first encounter with “The Mexican” and his friends and the mysterious green wood. A visit to a man’s house, the black mist and the first sighting of Adami.

Part 2 A field trip. A journey through the reserve and down below to Zahavi’s den and the ruins. The first red box is found. A second encounter with “The Mexican” and his friends.

Part 3 The Serpent Mound. After a nice eclipse a trip to Ohio stuffs up the Templar, gives immense power to the Devil and Moon, a shadow TRex goes on a rampage, Adami “dies” and the second red box is found (this time it is opened, inside is a silver coin with no markings).

Part 4 Return to Maritime. Bruce is missing and Ari is a prisoner of The Faith. The Faith meeting is interupted, the hall is blown up and Ari, another nephilim and a Faith member are taken prisoner. A chest of the weapons is taken home. The body of the nephilim is pretty screwed up and Ari snaps his neck (to general shock). Ari asks for paint.

Part 5 Explosive Action. The chest of weapons explodes, Ari disappears, everyone flees to Torger’s. A map of a suspected Templar stronghold is discovered.

Part 6 Winds of Change. An invasion of the suspected Templar stronghold yeilds another red box (this one empty) in a medical room where a birth had recently taken place. A homonculus and a sorcerer manage to stuff up the party long enough to conjure a cyclone and escape.

Part 7 A brief Interlude. The party manages to escape the Clarke Building, narrowly missing an encounter with a giant cat. Research ensues as does a bar room fight that kills many humans.



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